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Blogging for blogging's sake...

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by , 06-10-2008 at 08:17 PM (1941 Views)
Ok, I keep meaning to check out the FV blogs, and keep procrastinating (as with many other personal goals both minor and major) but I finally got here! Then I had the quick thought that I should post something, just to get things rolling, because then I'll have to come back and see if anyone's added anything.

I'm going through an odd period in my life. My mother is probably dying, but that has been the case for over a year now and so the idea has lost some of its edge. I don't know that I could say the stress is off, however, since I seem to be having a rash of (probably stress induced) my own medical issues. This is both time consuming and expensive even with decent insurance, and it gets tempting to yell at the doctors "HEY! If you think stress is causing all of this, quit adding to it with all the expense and bother of the tests!" and yet the more stable part of me recognizes that as an over weight and over stressed nearly 50 year old, it makes sense for them to want to check things out. So far testing has included CBCs, a CT scan, multiple EKGs, an ultrasound of my carotid arteries, chest Xrays, 2 MRIs (head and abdomen) and I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test. So far, nothing has shown up except an arrythmia (I've had one since I was very young) that has gotten more extreme. I do have an ongoing symptom whereby my left arm and part of the left side of my face are numb/tingling - but I apparently didn't have a stroke and it is not paralyzing by any means so I'm kind of ready to just get on with life. Also, shortly before this problem, I was started on a new script to bring down my cholesterol and triglycerides - not unusual for one my age and size - but nobody thinks this is related to the medicine. Probably not. It is probably some sort of wierd stress reaction, which even the docs agree is a likelihood.

On other topics, I am completely moved into my new house, though not completely settled due to the sprained ankle. I love the house. I love the yard. I love being in walking distance of places that I want to go. My cats REALLY love the carpeting and windows. And I am truly making progress at weeding out "stuff" that needs to go (to charity or the dumpster depending on the item). I also acquired 3 new (to me) chairs, 2 end tables (matching), an old console stereo (3 speeds and an 8 track player and it works!), and a Singer sewing machine an table from about 1960 (also works!) from a friend who was having to clean out his mother's house after she died (over a year ago - so the emotions are not driving decisions). I have had an opportunity to be of assistance when he was dealing with several rounds of surgery and his wife needed to be traveling for business, and they thought I might want some things - and were right. In exchange (from the perspective of my house not becoming overcrowded, I am going to get rid of my sofa (less flexible and in much worse need of reupholstering than the chairs) and a small cabinet. Ok, the balance is still off, I'll have to pick a few more things to get rid of. At least it is a step in the right direction.

Well, for an unplanned blog, that's not a bad start. I'll move on now to other deferred tasks. Hope somebody reads and enjoys this.

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  1. MaggieMay's Avatar
    I read & enjoyed it Edna.....but where's the next post?! :>)