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End of Year (2010) accounting

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by , 12-25-2010 at 07:26 AM (760 Views)
End of year accounting.

1. Lose weight to at least 199 lbs. (Onederland) and keep it off
Did not make this goal this year. Basically, I have stayed the same, with several ups and downs.

2. Walk treadmill 20 min M-F, yoga DVD M-F, 25-50 ball crunches M-F,
15-25 wall push-ups M-F, mini-tramp 2-5 min M-F
I have done some semi-regular exercise, but because of my gout, I lost some time the last two month.
3. Set up and carry out daily self-care regimen: inc. Vitamin daily,
weekly spa day, 7hrs + sleep daily
Not as well as I would have liked

1. Date night with dh on payday at least Every payday
2. Call kids and bros
Fairly regular with both of these
3. Visit girls at least every 2 weeks
One girl moved back to NM, see the other occasionally. ds27 moved here this last week, so can now include him as well

1. BEF ($1000.00) bal is 0
2. Pay down debt with $50.00 snowball regular payments, occasional extra on CC and hospital bills, Paid off 1 hospital bill
3. Stay within current budget Done

1. Sucessfully finish 1 class for Spring (2010)semester Made a D. retaking it this Spring (2011) Finished 2 classes with A's Fall 2010 semester
2. Read at least three books per month: 1 non-fiction, 1 fiction, 1 mystery fiction
Did not successfully complete this

1. Attend at least one school activity per month Yes
2. Attend at least one church activity monthly- several and with dh most of the time
3. Attend church weekly - have missed a couple because of sickness

1. Continue to work on degree requirements - see above
2. Finish all "ongoing" LHC projects
Finished 2 out of 5 so pretty good for me

1. Finish marriage clearance process
2. Steps toward full membership completed
3. Spiritual reading/Bible daily: Working on this
4. Read Breathnach book daily dropped this, too much

1. Vacuum, mop, dust, clean baths weekly ... most weeks
2. Declutter 2010 items during the year,
dropped this as well, lost track long ago,
but have been simplifing.
I am happy with what I accomplished. I would have liked to done more, but I feel like I did make headway.

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  1. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    great job! you've been busy this year