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Thanksgiving and frost.

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by , 10-13-2009 at 01:18 AM (3110 Views)
It's been so busy, I have been barely able to sit and write an e-mail never mind have a nice visit with FVers and write in my blog. But I think our routine is settling down and I can finally get back into fall/ winter mode.

We had our first frost and so the tomatoes are and zucchinis are dead... and the heat was turned on for the first time.. It is always a wee bit sad when I have to turn the heat on for the first time.

I picked the last of the apples. I have all the best ones storedin the fridge and I am drying the rest. Can you dry them with the peel on? I was wondering about that because they are organic and I hate wasting the nutrients if it isn't necessary.

We had turkey leftovers today, and I am simmering a giant pot of broth. I also have apple crumble cooking in the crockpot. I have made apple crumble in the crockpot for almost a year now and prefer it to baking it in the

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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