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Music day

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by , 12-03-2009 at 10:35 PM (3597 Views)
I ended up making a plum/mustard sauce for the ham steaks and it was very yummy. It was made using plum jam given to us by my greataunt and no one cared for the jam, so it was just waiting to be thrown out. But it tasted great as a ham glaze.
Then my two eldest came back from St. Johns ambulance with advent calenders from the supervisors. They even had one for my 12 yr. old who didn't go to the meeting because she was sick. I wasn't going to buy one this year because of my daughters diabetes but the chocolates are so small that the amount of carbs is tiny. I am glad they brought them and I actually read the amount of the carbs abd didn't just dismiss the idea of advent calenders forever. We Also, found out that because of the Olympics this Feb./Mar. all the schools spring breaks are mixed up and as a result this is the first time that both can go to NCO camp. Before it always conflicted with spring training camps. I am happy for them. It is a worthwhile experience, great leadership training and bestof all FREE.

Then last night I entered a facebook contest and won a $25 visa! I was so excited!

Today is music day. We are at the music school for 5 hours. My son plays cello, and daughter violin. They have their private lessons, chamber groups, orchestra, technical classes.
They have wireless, so I am able to say hello...
I also dropped by Value Village and got skates for my daughter for 6.99!
I also bought some warm tops and pants for my rapidly growing daughter (nothing from last winter fit!), a purse and shoes, $35.

Still haven't done any grocery shopping this month...
Tonights dinner was cabbage roll crockpot casserole...

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  1. bridge's Avatar
    Congratulations on the $25 visa!! That is great.

    Thanks for reminding me of a jar of cherry-pepper jelly that I have in the might make a good glaze.
  2. hollyhill's Avatar
    Cherry Pepper jelly will probably make a great glaze!