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Christmas parades

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by , 12-05-2009 at 02:34 AM (2868 Views)
Still didn't do any grocery shopping.
Lunch was grilled cheese and apple sandwiches, with squash cookies and mini mandarines.
Dinner was ham and white bean soup and perogies. Plus milk.
Snack was Hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (after the Santa Claus parade).

I did a mystery shop today and made $12 and had a free breakfast. I then had my daughters skates sharpened. Total cost for skates was 10.99! What a deal. Now she will be able to go skating at GM place (huge hockey arena) for free on Sunday afternoon. It is just for children with type 1 diabetes.

Total expenditure for today was $4 to have the skates sharpened...doing good.

Our kayak club entered a float in the candle light parade. The younger kids sat high up in a war canoe wrapped in lights. They looked very good! The older athletes carried a banner and handed out candy canes.
It was very cold but clear and there were tons of people watching. The estimate was 15,000.

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