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Taking Care of My Anxiety & Depression

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by , 01-22-2011 at 06:40 AM (9661 Views)
The Steps I am doing to Take Care of Myself & Deal with Anxiety & My Depression

I don't want to depend on chemical prescriptions because I did those before and it made me dependent on drugs. Besides, the side effects were not pretty.

After I educate myself about the anxiety and its connection to my digestion, I begin to list down my anxiety attacks and realize that all of them were related to my stomach. They happened after meals. I realize that something needs to be done regarding this.

These are the things I did this week and they helped me a lot coping with my anxiety and depression it causes me:

1. Take care of myself, eat & sleep on time every day. Get plenty of rest & good sleep every night.
2. Manage my meals. I avoid eating until I am stuffed because that can trigger anxiety attack.
3. Plan my daily menu & snacks. Avoid eating until late because it can build up gas & acid and cause acid reflux for me (trig erring anxiety).
4. Take supplements : B complex, magnesium, iron & multivitamin. Also take enzyme tablets with my meals especially when eating out to avoid anxiety attacks.
5. Drink apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp in 200 ml water) 3 times a day with meals to prevent heartburn.
6. Declutter my room. A friend told me that living in a messy cluttered place can make anxiety become worse. (I did major cleaning and decluterring yesterday!)

I have been taking the supplements and getting plenty of rest also managing my lifestyle since 4 days ago after reading a lot about anxiety and educating myself. I find a relief and i think it's working for me.

Anyone here also coping with anxiety? Please share your stories & methods/tips. Also we can discuss here and support each other here. Anxiety sucks and if left untreated, it can damage our lives but I believe that with proper management and education, treatment & nutrition, also sharing & support, anxiety can be managed and we can become productive individuals again.

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