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Updates & Dinner Invitation Anxiety

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by , 01-22-2011 at 06:43 AM (1176 Views)
3-4 days ago, I was deep in depression and didn't have the energy and will to leave the house. I was too anxious to go out. Yesterday I forced myself to leave and do some errands, I was feeling a slight attack at first but then it fades and I was back into my normal self going on with the activities.

Friday, 21 Jan 2011 Update
Today I have a dinner invitation from a friend, at a restaurant. I am a bit anxious about going to a public place which is crowded and meeting people. But what has to be done has to be done. I don't want to let the anxiety prevent me from living life.

Dinner will be served around 7, so I have to snack on something at home to keep my stomach calm so no gas is building. Since my anxiety is linked to my stomach, then I have to manage myself and take precautions.

Precautions :
- carry enzymes tablet to drink with dinner
- wear warm clothes & keep myself warm because the weather is so windy & cold
- bring a small bottle of water to prevent dehydration.

I will post again the result after I get back home. Wish me luck!
I am optimistic I can do this without getting anxiety.

Update After Dinner Report, Friday 21 Jan 2011

I am home now..whew! All the precautions I did, they do work, yay! I am glad to say that they work well I had a mini meal at home before I go because my stomach already feel hungry, to avoid acid & gas build up.

At the restaurant, I ordered grilled fish & a chilled milk shake because cold milk can help neutralize acid (digestion). A friend told me that. I doubt it at first, but then was relieved that the milkshake does calm my stomach! I also took my enzyme tablet before the meal and it works very well.

After finishing dinner, we went for frozen yoghurt (contains probiotics, which also helps digestion). I enjoy it very much. Physically, I feel comfortable and calm. No heart palpitations, no feeling of gas, acid reflux whatsoever that usually triggers my anxiety.

Psychologically, I admit I was a bit anxious at first when I left the house and arrive at the restaurant, I was afraid that I would get an attack, but I am determined that I did my best to manage my meals and take precautions. I almost let the anxious feelings take over me, but then I remember this thread that I post, I remember the forum and realize I have to deal with it and have to overcome this. So, I stayed at the restaurant and allow myself to overcome anxiety and enjoy the meal & conversations.


Dinner was fine, anxiety free & I did enjoy some good laughs.
I am so glad that I let myself take a chance, manage myself and enjoy the positive outcome. I am back home now, safe & comfortable.

I will post regularly about my anxiety and how I manage it on a daily basis. I believe that I can manage my anxiety and enjoy a quality life again.

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