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A week on the ranch (October 19 - October 25, 2009)

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by , 10-26-2009 at 11:05 AM (5590 Views)
Summer just doesn't want to give up. Another week of spring-like weather, and the grass in the pastures is growing like mad. It is amazing how quickly the landscape went from brown to green!

I was gone for several days this week, in Las Vegas on a business trip, so my sister and mother watched the house/animals for me. When I came home, I couldn't believe the number of soft drink bottles, prepared meal boxes, and popcorn bags that were in the trash!! You'd have thought they were here all week!! (They stayed a little over 24 hours.)

It is "that time of year" again for the goats. My girls are looking longingly up at my neighbor's billy goats and are crying piteously to be let out of the pasture. This lasts a few weeks, and then everyone is back to normal again, but WHILE it lasts, everyone is tense. I worry about the billy goats breaking into my property again, and the girls get stressed out and try to get out, and CRY all day. Women and their hormones....

I have been preparing for winter as best as I can, bringing my potted herbs into the house so they'll survive, covering my precious blood orange tree that I started from a seed a few years back, setting up heat lamps in the chicken coop and trying to figure out a way to keep the birds' rooms warm without space heaters. (I don't like the forced air and what it does to their skin.) My sister uses radiant heat panels for her birds but they are a bit pricey, so I may just rig up something with the heatlamps.

The great weight loss challenge is going well - not as well as I hoped, but at least I am going the right direction. I have lost 12.8 pounds this year!! I am hoping to make my goal of 20 pounds by the end of the year, which will make it probably the first year EVER that I've weighed less at the end of the year than I did at the beginning!

Speaking of great challenges, I have started Phase 2 of Operation "Here Kitty Kitty" with Schroedinger. I have started feeding her in the bathroom, rather than on the deck. So she has to come inside the house to eat now. So far, it is working, although I had hoped she might want to explore further inside. Rather, she eats, then steps just outside the door to do her grooming. We'll see what happens when the rain starts (which is typically when she vanishes).

I heard from the wildlife rehabber coordinator, and I am picking up my packet of information and supplies this coming week, after I will be ready for my first ward. It will just be a matter of waiting for a call from my mentor when a bird comes in, so I can assist her in triage and learn how to do it.

I may also be fostering two young female Chihuahuas. I'll find out soon, but right now, it looks like they may be coming here for a few weeks. One is only five months old, and the other is a year old. Their owners tried to dump them at the pound, but didn't want to spend the $40 surrender fee!! A local rescue is working on finding a long-term foster for the girls, but until they do, I might be giving them a safe place to wait. (The couple basically blackmailed the rescue by saying they were just going to list the dogs for free on Craigslist, pretty much guaranteeing the dogs would either be snatched up by a backyard breeder of as bait for a fighting dog.)

Well, that is all that is going on this week. It has been a peacefully slow week on the ranch, and I'll take them when I get them!

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  1. Judi Dial's Avatar
    I'd like some of that warmth you got! (It has been rainy/cold here since we got home Thursday, and no let up predicted!!!)

    For you, this sounds like a very dull week indeed! I hope your week stays uneventual and you find a solution to heating your bird pen that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg!

    And congratulations btw on the weight loss! I hope you make your goal this year, but even if you don't, what you've accomplished is awesome!