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It's not a Vacation

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by , 05-25-2010 at 10:51 AM (825 Views)
"I'm a mother travelling with three children; this is not a vacation it's a business trip." (Modern Family).

We took the kids to Ottawa for the long weekend, although came home Sunday so that I could get some packing done. I feel obligated to show my children as much of the world as I am able, but even the small trips are exhausting.

We went to the Museum of Civilization, which was really nice. They have a separate Children's Museum, all hands on exploration of different cultures and industries. The kids had a great time, I would have loved to have seen the rest of the museum though. We went down to the West Coast Aboriginal section, with all the totem poles and sculptures, but didn't have a chance to go in behind to the rest of the First Nations displays before the kids started to have meltdowns.

Went over to see the Parliament buildings. You are only allowed in if you are on a tour, the kids were cranky because they wanted to go inside and there were no more tours for the day. I was secretly thankful as I know they would have been bored, loud and disruptive on the tour. We walked around outside the buildings, then down along the canal. Son started flipping out because I refused to take him to the 'store' to buy a boat. In his defence, it was very hot and nearly suppertime.

The next morning we found a boat cruise to take them on. They spent the entire time at the snack bar

They loved the pool and just wanted to go swimming all the time. We had to tell them it was only open at night so that we could do other things during the day. Next trip is just going to be to the nearest local hotel with a pool, since that's the only thing that interests them.

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