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MacGyver Saves the Day!!

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by , 08-15-2008 at 03:07 PM (1850 Views)
OK, Folks, do you remember MacGyver, the stud muffin, the fixer of any and all that needed fixed, the saver of the day!!??

Now what you all need to know first is that I was married to him!!!

Man this is gonna be good!!!

Now this was my first Husband, MacGyver of course! (I have had a couple!!) I lived in this junkie lil 1 bedroom apt in Phoenix az, the cooler did not work, so you can assume it was hotter than 10 other hot things in there!! Oh, Yeah, I had just had cone surgery for cervical cancer and was on bed rest!!
I was home alone and Macgyver was at work, I was laying in bed, oscilating fan blowing me to partial coolness, I wake and have to pee like a russian race horse in distress! So I hobble out of bed and try for the bathroom, wheeeew, I made it, but not before tripping over the freakin fan! Of course I hurt myself but in this heat how does that matter!!
Now, Mind you, I just bought this fan at walmart, and of course, back in the day you could take anything to walmart and they would exchange it!!! So against doctors orders I took the fan apart, put it back in the box and got it ready for MacGyver to take back to Walmart and exchange!!
But, NOOOOOO, he wanted to fix it, because we all know Macgyver fixes all and saves the day right?!
Keep in your mind here that Macgyver is so far from mechanically inclined that it is frightening!!
So, as ordered by Macgyver, I layed down in bed with my beautiful pain killers! Sweating to death of course! and her takes the fan out to the kitchen to fix her right up!
I just got relaxed, and jump to a sissy girl scream from hell and I know it has to be MacGyver because we have no children!
I run out as fast as my in pain, drugged up self can hobble and there he stands, His eye brows, nose hairs (I am sure) Front of his hair and arm hairs singed and smoking! The whole front of him and his clothes are black and singed, as he stands there with the power chord split in two holding a piece of it in each hand....OMG
Now I am a girl and even I knew this was not right...I asked him, " What in the hell did you do?"
His reply, " I tried to fix it, MACGYVER DOES IT ALL THE TIME ON TV."
All I could say was, " Your not MacGyver Dear" !!!!!
This genious had put 2 bare wires into the now blackened outlet of my kitchen wall and was singed right along with my wall and I spose I need to say, At least he was trying to help me?!!!

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  1. fixer's Avatar
    Hilarious story!! MacGyver made a generation of men think everything can be fixed with a wad of gum, bobbie-pin and dental floss. In my job, I get to fix a lot of things the husband has already fixed. I have to be frig gin nice and say things like "you almost had it, or wow, what a unique approach." Instead of, what a dumbass!!. I hope you have not reproduced.