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  1. Insomniac

    by , 03-03-2009 at 03:25 AM
    I worked from 6:00Am to after 11:00pm and should be sleeping but too wound up. Unfortunately I don't get paid for all that. I am salaried on the first job and then the drive time to the second job isn't paid either. I am going to hit the sack soon, as I have to get up and do it all over again. I did manage to get 6 trees planted this weekend,and now my arms are aching from all the digging. I haven't looked to see if the puppy left them alone.Night you all.
  2. 03/02/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

    by , 03-03-2009 at 02:03 AM
    I did okay today. Not great, but not terrible, either.

    I walked for 35 minutes on the treadmill, and I got my sit-ups, push-ups, and free weights in.

    I drank my eight glasses of water, and I'll take my multi-vitamin tonight.

    Meal-wise, I had oatmeal, about 1/2 of a carrot, and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast; leftover baked brussels sprouts for lunch; a handful of peanuts and a couple of kumquats as a snack; and a large serving of stir-fried mushrooms ...

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    Fat Hen to P.H.A.T. Chick
  3. Where are all the 9-5er's??

    by , 03-03-2009 at 12:01 AM
    I don't think the FF is going to make the cut. He called today (yay!) but wanted to get together for trivia night at a bar. Huh?? Do guys really think a girl is going to run out and meet him the day of?!

    When we spoke tonight, it was apparent that he hasn't put much thought into our date. He basically gave me his schedule and told me to pick a day and something to do. But it had to be casual (i.e., bar) and no "stuffy crap" like dinner and movie (that's a direct quote) ...
    The Freak Show
  4. The Search and get rewarded with google was on the news....

    by , 03-02-2009 at 06:27 PM
    I have been posting a link about how to get rewarded with google and now they have made it so big they are on the news. Here's the link to the news story on how you can earn with google and all you do is use their search engine

    and my link if you want to sign up It's worth it!

    have fun

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  5. I Can See the Back of My Freezer!

    by , 03-02-2009 at 02:10 PM (Living Frugal, Not Cheap)
    Freezer challenge: beginning of week 3

    Did good last week using up items as planned. The pot roast vegetables turned out to be leftover stew, which we ate for dinner Saturday. There's a little of that left which I think DH will take for lunch tomorrow.

    I made a big pot of chicken stock out of the backs and wings tips I had been saving, only to discover my pot pie recipe does not use it (it uses chicken base). I used some anyway, in place of some of the heavy cream. ...