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  1. January 5th

    by , 01-05-2009 at 10:35 PM
    Today was weigh in day: I lost 0.6 lbs. I have a feeling that next week will be better.

    Ate the LO Goulash for lunch today. Also, I had made some lime jello that I ate. I found that it's much cheaper to make the jello yourself and put into little 1/2 cup reusable containers.

    When I got home from work..late....I had to stay an extra 45 mins to get somethings done. We went to the Y and I did another 30 minutes on the Elliptical on the Interval setting.
  2. A week on the ranch (December 29 - January 4)

    by , 01-05-2009 at 10:08 PM
    The last week of my two week vacation, and I spent Sunday savoring every last minute, trying not to watch the clock to see the hours fly by, but also trying to enjoy my time to the fullest and not let it slip out of my hands.

    The biggest news this week was that Bo and Peep, by beloved little hand-raised finch babies, joined their parents in the aviary. I was depressed all day after putting them in, because they were so tame, they would fly to me when I called them, and land on my ...

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    Ranch Diary
  3. Not feeling very big right now

    by , 01-05-2009 at 06:07 PM
    My sister called to say she picked up her text book for the last class she needs, to qualify for graduate school. It's a long time coming, a dream come true. I'm very proud and happy for her. She'll be the first person in our family with a masters degree, she'll be moving out of a job she hates and into a career she wants.

    There is a part of me that is saying "hey, that was supposed to be me". It's a small part, in every possible sense of the word. It makes me feel ...
  4. Figured out how things go to be where they are!

    by , 01-05-2009 at 04:55 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    I've been trying to figure how we ended up with so much debt.

    There was some frivolous spending no doubt. That surely helped, but looking at the numbers, I know for a fact that there is NO way we blew that on luxury items alone.

    Ends up in taking into account that for 5 years we lived on dh income alone. In a world that there's NO way we could stay in the black. If I remove the debt payments, with the current house hold bills: bus passes, groceries, gas, utilities, insurance, ...
    Debt Reduction
  5. just keep breathing, just keep breathing

    by , 01-05-2009 at 02:47 PM (My life, my pond, my world)
    So today I told the DP that I just had no energy to deal with the bank account today. I feel so distraught and drained I couldn't muster up the energy. So she has been dealing with the bank today. They have refunded $131.42 and 175.00 but the other charges apparently posted after I got paid and after using my debit card 2 times on Friday, even though I had just got paid and there was money in the account, all these bogus charges that were still pending apparently sent me into overdraft. Because ...