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  1. Goodbye and farewell to 2008

    by , 01-01-2009 at 03:27 AM
    In about half an hour, 2008 will be gone forever. It saddens me to see it go, as it marks another part of my life that is lost to me. But I face its leaving with an equal amount of hope, as well. With a new year comes new possibilities, and new opportunities. I can only tremble in anticipation, and wait to see what 2009 lays at my doorstep.
    Fluff and Feathers
  2. A step in the right direction.

    by , 12-31-2008 at 11:38 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    Today I made a little luxury purchase. I purchased fabric to make a carry all bag for myself. I got some beautiful fabric, at 50% off. So $18. Very nice indeed.

    I tucked the receipt into my calendar with the check register and marked it when i get home. I know exactly what's in the account. I have $700 to last until payday( $200 is a payment to make, and $500 to the snowball. Then I start fresh with the new payday.

    New Years Eve. I'm already in my PJ's. ...
  3. Testing challenges

    by , 12-31-2008 at 05:45 PM
    This is a challenge test
  4. 31 Dec 2008

    by , 12-31-2008 at 05:12 PM
    Ok, I can't post anymore so I have to stop accepting challenges

    Here is the list for Jan.

    Emergency Fund Challenge $600/$1000

    Skill-A-Month- 0/12

    January Book Club 0/3

    Grocery Budget Reduction Jan $175.00 per check

    Project Monthly 0/12 Organize my bill filebox.

    Pound-A-Week 0/52

    Menu Plan every 2 weeks 1/26

    No More Eating Out 0/365 days

    Debt ...
  5. Looking back on 2008 and forward to 2009

    by , 12-31-2008 at 04:16 PM (a step in the right direction)
    Well it seems everyone has been looking back on the year and forward to what the new year holds.

    2008 for us started off being a bad year as DH hurt himself at work in December of 2007. Things just seemed to have gone down hill from there at least for the first 3/4 of 2008. But this last part of 2008 starting in about August, we just decided that we were going to try harder to get on our feet and start making some changes to get there. So far its working, slowly but surely we are ...

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    Goals, Reflections