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Day 10 - Part 2

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by , 11-06-2008 at 10:45 PM (2063 Views)
Okay - I went shopping with DBF and we each took seperate carts and met back up at the truck...

Here's what I got:

And how much did I spend (after coupons and store "deals" of course)???? $21.03!!!!!

I still have $9.02 to spend on the ham I'm looking to get to can for the rest of the winter....

Some things I got for free: 12 pack pepsi, 8 pack gatorade, granola bars, evap. milk, swiss miss cocoa, pasta sauce, instant potatoes, oatmeal. The soup was $.57 each after coupon, the tomatoes $.13. The soda water was the only thing I didn't get a deal on!

I did give DBF the granola bars, cause I'm not really a bar kind of girl... and a lot of this will go to the food drive (even though DBF just got "laid off" - temporary he's told - let's cross our fingers).

I got $89+change for $21.03. The manager of the store checked me out and he printed the total twice because he didn't believe it the first time! Woo Hoo!!!

PS - DBF spent over $60 and just got junk!
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