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  1. The Best Way to Save Money - Learn Contentment

    by , 02-05-2009 at 12:36 PM (C@rol's Blog)
    Personal finance books and articles offer many simple ways to save money — cut out a daily trip to Starbucks, turn down the heat by one degree, order water at restaurants — and all of these tips are useful, but we often ignore the fact that the best way to save money is not so simple. The best way to save money is to change your thinking so that you consistently focus on saving instead of spending.
    To develop a saver’s mindset, be aware of your thoughts about money and possessions. When you ...
  2. Want to Save Money? Stay Home!

    by , 01-30-2009 at 04:05 PM (C@rol's Blog)
    I find that usually the weekends are the only time I have to do any sort of shopping, whether it be for groceries, clothes, stuff for the house, or pretty much anything we need (or sometimes don’t need). But the majority of our most recent Saturday was spend lying around the house and watching tv, which is actually something that we don’t get to do very often since we usually have plans or are working on a project of some sort. But I was itching to get out and spend some money. I found myself suggesting ...
  3. How To Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

    by , 01-30-2009 at 03:28 PM (C@rol's Blog)
    I know this is going to sound strange, but a lot of people don’t know the proper way to save money. They think that they know and if you ask someone about this, the person will look at you like you’re stupid for asking such an obvious question, but the truth is that most people were never taught how to save the proper way.
    Very few people really know how to save money. That is, they don’t know how to reduce their costs while not making themselves miserable at the same time.

  4. The Frugal Counterculture

    by , 01-25-2009 at 03:18 PM (C@rol's Blog)
    “Countercultural” is one of the last things most people would call me, but the description that fits me well. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are countercultural, too. Living within your means and saving for the future are pretty radical ideas in our culture of easy credit and instant gratification.

    In addition to having a way of thinking that differs greatly from the predominant culture, frugal people have some characteristics in common with other countercultural ...
  5. Small Savings Add Up and Here’s The Proof

    by , 01-25-2009 at 03:10 PM (C@rol's Blog)
    Some people are “pound wise and penny foolish.” That is, they focus their savings efforts only on big items while letting small amounts of money slip through their fingers. Having tallied up my “penny savings” from last year, I can tell you that small amounts of money can quickly add up to big savings.

    Last year I decided that I would keep track of the small amounts of money I made or saved during 2007 to determine if these “money savers” were really worth my time or if I should ...
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