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Little Blessings!!

Living Small and Loving It !!!

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by , 05-30-2012 at 08:50 PM (853 Views)
We have been living in our Motor Home for two months already. I just love it. It take so little time to sweep through and wipe up the floors and clean the bathroom. The bathroom is so nice. I love the corner shower. We just put up a liquid soap dispenser for: shower gel, shamoo and condition. We had to replace the shower head and the toilet. The floor and counter tops in there are tile. I never had tile in my bathroom before and I just love it. Our large closet is in there and the doors are mirrors. You can close the bathroom off from the other parts of the home by two sliding doors. I like that alot. It's like a dressing room. The kitchen is so handy too. The fridge and freezer work great and are very roomy. We had to replace our microwave/convection oven. I'm learning quickly how to cook in the convection oven. It has this cool setting called fast bake. I've cooked a 5 lb chicken in a hour on that setting. Our model came
with a bar cabinet tat work very nicely as a hutch and kitchen appliance center. We have a built in kitchen center(Nutone). It came with the blender attachment. It is the best blender I've ever used. We got the the mixer attachment recently too. We are still staying with our daughter and son-in-law until at least the end of Oct.(5 months till retirement) We live in New Jersey and it has gotten very warm/hot here more than a few times already. We used the aircontioning yesterday for the first time. It works great,! I got alittle chilly. Our heater works good too The hot water heater heats the water up so quickly and it's very hot! Our little dog,Molly doesn't like it when we start the motor home up or go anywhere in it. She shakes and paces around. I sure hope she gets acustom to it before we head out on our adventure. Hubby still needs to figure out the fuel gauge. We also need new batteries. Our home is an 1989 model. It is beautiful inside. Last night I turn the fan off and had the fan up in my bedroom window. It was bringing it the honeysuckle smell. It smelled wonderful We wake up to the birds singing too. I love seeing our old yard from this backyard view. We have our home parked out back close to the woods. The only downfall is, that the ticks are very bad this year We had a couple of yard sales to get rid of our leftover stuff. Way to much work for this old lady. We are taking the rest to the thrift store in small loads. Looking forward to being free of all that stuff Moving ever closer to our goal

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  1. nuisance26's Avatar
    That's a shame about Molly. Doesn't your groomer use an RV, running? You'd think she'd be used to the rumble.