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Snow Day Play

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by , 01-02-2013 at 06:28 AM (1674 Views)
We have been committed to keeping ourselves and the little ones active. This means leaving the television or computer even on snowy or cold days. Sometimes we only manage to go out to the back yard to check on the bird feeder and the plants under the cloches. Most days we manage to at least walk around the block or play in the yard.

It is exciting to see the joy of discovery as the little ones learn about ice and snow. The smiles as they create snow angels is infectious. It is fun to get out and see things from their perspective. At night when we have said our prayers we talk about our “adventures” and recount the day’s activities. One of the goals for next year is to begin scrapbooking. It will be fun for the family to have those visual reminders of the story we are creating together.

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