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Finding the Fit

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by , 01-08-2013 at 06:36 AM (2419 Views)
One of my daughters just figured out something about herself that makes her feel more at ease with who she is. I compared it to realizing you have a size 9 foot you have been trying to cram into size 7 shoes your whole life. It may be a little detail but it makes a big difference.
Those people I admire are those who know who they are and donít make apologies for it. No I am not talking about those who flaunt bad behavior or dress like they lost a fight with a horror movie character. I am talking about the folks who have decided certain values are so a part of themselves that you can see it in everything they do. I wonder if the kids know what my core values are. Are they able to see them as well as hear what they are?
This year I have decided to make big changes for myself. I always say Family First but had only been halfway preaching it with my actions. I also say Be Natural and Be a Good Steward. I havenít been doing that very well either. I have a plan and I am making changes so that the do part of my life lines up more with the thought part. Just wanted my daughter to that it feels better when the shoes fit.

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