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Christmas 2008

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by , 12-29-2008 at 03:05 AM (576 Views)
Insomnia has struck again. Does anyone else have this problem? Itís killing me. As I type, I have 4 1/2 hours before I have to get up and get ready for work. Ugh! I figure I may as well be productive and update my blog instead of staring at my ceiling.

I managed to not to spend a fortune over the Christmas holiday. I spent the holiday in Iowa with my family. Mostly we just stayed in and watched movies since the weather was a bit nasty. I missed the massive sales on Friday, which was probably a good thing as I'm sure I would have spent a ton of money. I did go a little crazy at Target and spent about $50.00. It could have been far worse. I adore Target and rarely get to go.

I took the Greyhound back to Iowa instead of flying. It is far cheaper, but much slower. Itís a 45-minute flight or a 6 hour drive (by car) but the bus takes about 8 hours. I took a cab home from the bus station which wasn't the most frugal thing to do, but after sitting on the Greyhound bus for 8 hours, I didn't feel like waiting for the CTA bus to get home. I figure it was well worth the $20.00.

I had an interesting conversation with my mom on Friday. It was during this conversation that I realized I learned my money management skills from her. She was saying how she needed an HD TV in the bedroom so she could watch it while she is walking on the treadmill and she also wants one in the basement. She also commented that I needed a new TV. Mine is old and not one of those fashionable flat screens. My TV actually has a VHS tape player in it (and yes, I still own VHS tapes). My TV works just fine and I told her so. She then told me that Iím just like my dad and my maternal grandmother, which in her mind means Iím cheap. I beg to differ. I told her that I have other priorities for my money, namely debt reduction and then saving for a down payment for a home. I wish I had paid a little bit more attention to the money management lessons my dad was teaching me growing up. Maybe Iíd be debt free and own my own condo by now.

Coming upÖ.New Yearís Eve. Iíve decided to forgo the parties this year and celebrate on my own by making dinner and drinking some sparkling white wine (far cheaper than champagne). I briefly thought about ordering take-away, but I really want my NYE to reflect my goals for 2009. So, Iíll spend Monday and Tuesday searching for a great recipe to make on Wednesday night. Plus, Iím dying to use the really nice chefís knife and super cute apron my dad gave me for Christmas! Thursday, several friends and I are going to celebrate the New Year with a brunch followed by drinks at a girlfriendís house.

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