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Thursday Check-In, 2009 Goals

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by , 01-08-2009 at 10:04 AM (650 Views)
It's really been a pretty good week. We're back on track with bills, by the end of this month we will be caught up without tapping any windfalls. Windfalls thus become snowball fodder. We've put savings accounts into our monthly "bills" so we can also get caught up on projects that seriously need doing.

This region has gained 13 minutes of daylight since solistice. We'll gain another hour by February 1. It makes a difference.

I missed two days of exercise, so that's not great. I may have to re-evaluate that goal. Is it really realistic to exercise EVERY SINGLE day? Maybe not so much. People do get sick!

The kids are on track for school, the house is mostly tidy. The new arrangement is working out. I've gathered some paint chips and selected a color (silver peony) for the dining room.

I've lost 7.8 pounds and exercised 2.5 hours this week.

Mental Health Goals:
I'm still having a tough time thinking well of myself. It's a struggle to find something other than "I made it through the day pretty well" very often. I do feel better about life when I've been exercising and getting enough sleep!

Tuesday I have an audition. It's not the choir I REALLY wanted, but that one has membership dues of $180 annually. Not right now! This choir sings with a symphony orchestra regularly, which I've really really been missing.

If I do get in I will stop singing with the church choir after June, and may revisit the idea of changing churches. The kids are happy, the people wonderful, but spiritually I'm so malnourished as to be starving to death. The big bar to switching is that the new church I want to try out has three services and the choir sings for all of them; that sort of thing won't work with our family life. I must sing. If I find another choir, that obstacle is removed.

So, taken all-in-all, a positive week. A week of forward motion, realistic re-evaluation, and habit building.

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  1. jestagrrrl's Avatar
    Good for you, it seems like you have things in order and somewhat in control... Kudos to you. and congrats for staying calm!!