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house hunting update

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by , 06-23-2008 at 01:13 PM (2664 Views)
I've decided to put the house hunt on hold until next summer. There's two reasons for this. The company I work for announced layoffs of almost 400 employees on Thursday, which makes my job situation feel less stable. And now that I've scoured the market, I know what price range the type of house I am looking at will fall in. I'll need to save 10-20K for a down payment, plus some additional so that I have a good savings on hand when I buy.

To cheer myself up I'm going to work on decorating my apartment a bit each month. Something I never bothered to do because I had hoped this would be a short term arrangement. This weekend I finally bought and put up curtains.

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  1. little_she-boy's Avatar
    Decorating your apt is a great way to experiment with your decorating ideas. Another plus: whatever you purchase now (assuming it's something you love) you can bring to your new house without spending any money. How frugal is that!!