Turn a plain candle into a great gift.......
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    Default Turn a plain candle into a great gift.......

    This really isn't about candle making, but candle embellishing.... I buy many candles on clearance and most at yard sales and decorate them..... Here's few things I have done.......

    I would just like to note that a pillar candle only burns down the middle, although it can leak wax down the side, it is safe to embellish a candle on the outside...

    I use different studs for jeans on them, just poke them in the sides it's that easy !!! This year I even found some great stud earrings with celestial symbols and poked those on a candle, they look great !!!

    For the next few, you will want to melt a bit of clear/ white wax to seal the outside......

    Use a pretty tissue on the side of the candle, just spread a thin coat of white glue and add tissue, seal with clear wax....
    Make a matching candle dish... Paint a clay pot saucer, cut a circle of matching tissue and glue to the inside bottom of saucer, seal with clear coat.....

    Painting candles is easy too... I don't use any special mediums, I just ruff it up a bit with fine steel wool and paint... when paint is dry, seal by painting on a little melted clear wax.......

    Buttons can be put on a candle too..... Just use a couple of pins....

    Use flat lace, just glue on and seal by painting on a couple of coats of clear wax....

    Rick rack..... Just glue in place, hold with pins if necessary and seal w/ wax......

    bark from sweet gum or Burch trees..... Soak bark in HOT water, change water a couple times if needed or just simmer for a couple of minutes in a pot.... Drain, when just cool enough to handle trim and wrap around candle..... secure with pins and tie with cord until dry...... Remove cord and decorate with a raffia tied around it....

    Glue cinnamon sticks or trimmed small twigs around the candle, Hot glue can be used. Tie with raffia....

    Dried flowers can be glued on and sealed with several coats of wax.......

    Paint the sides of candle with white glue and roll in crushed potpourri, shake off excess and seal with several coats of wax......

    Clip art or photos..... print on thin paper (like tracing paper) cut out, glue on and seal with melted wax..........

    Carve on candles....... just carve a simple design into the surface of the candle.... Seal with wax or dip briefly in hot water... this will smooth any jagged edges.......

    Add any ideas you may have.........

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    Wow, there are some great ideas here! Thanks so much for taking the time to post these!

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    Wow, thanks!!

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    Gosh, what great ideas! I have tons of just plain candles. Never thought of dressing them up! Thanks!

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