I'm thinking of starting to work for myself
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    Default I'm thinking of starting to work for myself

    I've been thinking about starting up a house cleaning business. I've wanted to work for myself for years now, and I think this is the best way to start up with little cost and work at it part time and get to a point I can transition from my full time job to working for myself without missing income. I've been doing all kinds of research online on how to get going with something like this, and how I'll have to file taxes and such.

    I'm wondering if anyone has done work like this or knows someone who has. I'm still trying to decide if charging by the hour or by the job would be a better way to go. I'm not sure how I should bill clients either. I've got a lot that I'm still trying to figure out. If anyone has any tips or suggestions or things I should consider, I would love to hear them.

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    someone on here just expanded her business....im thinking the same next year when my son goes to school, i believe the lady on here charges by the job.....i think i'd do 2 levels, the basic cleaning and then if they want showers scrubed, or fridge cleaned out...etc...would be extra per job....

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    I know someone who does this. She also charges differently for light housekeeping and heavy housekeeping. I believe she charges by the hour for homes and by the job for businesses.

    I have looked into housekeeping for my mil and was told there would be an initial cleaning charge and an hourly charge for a set amount of hours a week after the first heavy cleaning.

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    I'd call around to the National chains and get a pricing idea from them...as though you were concidering having your house done by them. Kinda underhanded i guess in a way, but you'd know what "the big boys" charge and could adjust your pricing accordingly.

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    I have a friend who is a military wife and whereever she goes, she usually recruits another mom and advertises and cleans homes for teachers. It's agreeable to all, as the teachers do their own cleaning in the months that they are out on summer break.

    The friend's charges vary, but she charges $60 for a basic maintenance clean on a two bedroom home, going up 15 dollars per bedroom. Extra rooms, like a great room, in addition to a den/livingroom adds another $15 as well. She has no problem getting all the work that she wants to do. She usually cleans two homes a day, while the kids are at school. She takes her own supplies and vacuum,etc. OH, and there's a $10 fee if there's an indoor critter that amounts to extra hair. (She changes the vacuum bag, to prevent problems for other clients who are allergic).

    Sit down and think through all the details, write them down.
    It's not a bad way to go.

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