For working women - your daily schedule?
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    Smile For working women - your daily schedule?

    Not to copy Julie's thread or anything (okay, I am totally copying - I confess ), but I was wondering what the daily schedules of the working women on this board look like. Where do you find time to do everything that needs to be done? I was tempted to respond to Julie's thread, until I saw it was in the SAHM section, so thought I'd post another one here. Hope that's okay!

    My Weekday Schedule:

    9:00 A.M. - Off of work
    9-9:15 - Drive home from work
    9:15-9:30 - Help DBF get ready for work and out the door
    9:30-10 - Internet time, relax w/ dog, unwind from work
    10-12 - Light housework, more internet (hehe), throw something in the crock pot for dinner
    12:00-8:00 P.M. - Sleep
    8:00-9:00 - Wake up, eat dinner, shower
    9:00-10:30 - Spend time w/ DBF, watch a show or part of a movie, more light housework, whatever basically
    10:30 - Leave for work
    11:00 - Start my night @ work

    Laundry, major cleaning, grocery shopping and most errands are saved for the weekend.

    So what does your schedule look like?

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    Cool thread!

    430: wake up, start coffee and drink coffee while reading email
    500: prayer and meditation
    530: watch taped primetime from night before
    630: shower and general HAB time
    700: start prepping lunch for work, feed cats
    730: more coffee, time with DH
    820: leave for work
    830-1630: work
    1630-1800: time with DH, chores, prep supper
    1800-2000: supper, socializing on phone, writing time, 20-30 min. walk
    2000-2100: reading, more prayer and meditation, to bed with "sleep" CD on

    The weekend is not too different - I am still early to rise and early to retire; I never get up much past 5 AM. I do the majority of chores, errands and food prep on the weekends.

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    This is an average day, there are times during the week at least one or two days where we have to run errands or something in the evening, then that's usually after dinner and before I get ready for bed.

    7am Wake up and get ready for work, feed the cats and give them clean water.
    8:10am Drive to work
    8:30am-1pm work at desk/meetings
    1-1:30 Lunch
    1:30-5pm work at my desk/meetings
    5pm Leave for home
    5:45pm Look through mail, feed cats, play with cats, have a snack, and get on the computer.
    6:30pm begin dinner, clean/pick up apt
    7:30pm eat dinner/clean up afterwards
    8:30pm watch tv, go through paper work on desk/pay any bills.
    9pm Get ready for bed
    10pm Read and journal before I fall asleep between 11pm-12am

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    OK, my schedule varies significantly depending on court appearances, etc and whether or not I'm training for an Ironman (currently, yes ), but on an "ideal" day where I don't mess around and where I don't have to be in court or deposition, this is what it looks like:

    7am - Get up and do morning workout (bike ride or run)
    7:45 - shower, eat, get ready, feed dog
    9 - in office for work
    11 - workout #2 (swim and weights)
    1:30 - lunch (eat at desk)
    Work until I make my hours or feel like leaving
    6 - teach karate
    Home anytime between 8:30 & 10pm depending on schedule

    I mix errands in when I can...but that's basically it during Ironman years.

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    5:30 am - get up
    5:30-6:30 -quiet time, coffee, internet
    6:30 - get DS up and ready for school
    7:15 - Take DS to school. Hr commute to work
    8:00/8:15-3:30 - work
    3:30-4:30 - commute home
    4:30-5:00 - cook dinner
    5:00-5:30 - dinner
    5:30-6:15 - spend time w/ DH before he goes to work
    6:15-7:00 - homework w/DS
    7:00-8:00- make DS lunch, pack bags for work and school, general cleanup, plan next day's menu, etc
    8:00 - 8:30- shower etc
    8:30-9:30 - internet, TV w/ DS
    9:30 bed

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    5:45 wake up and go home (I know that sounds funny, but it's true)
    6-7:00 coffee, a little breakfast, and internet "me" time
    7-7:45 get ready for work and maybe do some chores
    8-5:00 work
    fit in a workout after lunchtime in at-work gym
    5:30 snack, then ride horse and play with horse babies with DBF
    shower, go to DBF's for night
    cook dinner
    watch tv for an hour

    I do laundry and most chores on the weekend. If I'm nice, I do the dishes & clean at DBF's in the morning when he works weekends. I love to cook- for me that is de-stress time, so I cook at his place whenever I can and I've started baking bread on Sunday nights when I don't have a horse show.

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    5:30: wake up and shower
    6:00: get dressed, HAB
    6:30: breakfast, make lunches, and get boys up
    7:00: unload dishwasher and start a load of laundry if need be
    7:15: leave for work
    7:30 - 4:00: work
    4:00- 5:00: do some chores and start dinner, eat
    5:00-6:30: Do online classes
    6:30-9:30: socialize with family, catch up on days events

    I do the majority of chores, errands, bill paying, etc. on the weekends.

    ~Wife to Rick since Dec. 19, 1986~
    ~Mother to Richard, 27, Chris, 24, and Dakota, 21~
    ~Special Education Teacher~

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    You guys sure accomplish a lot during the day! It's fun to see everyone's schedule.

    6:30 - wake, shower, get ready, fix lunch
    7:30 - leave for work
    8-12 - work
    12-1 - lunch
    1-5 - work
    5-5:15 - drive home
    5:15- let dogs out, feed dogs and cats, work-out read mail etc.
    6:00 - cook and eat dinner, clean-up
    7:30-10 - relax, read, clean... whatever I need/want to do
    10-11 - watch tv or read in bed

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    When I began working back in April I had trouble fitting everything in so I searched on the internet and found it's a wonderful site that helps you set up routines no matter if your working or not.
    So my routine looks a little like this. I can finish work at either 11am, 1pm or 3pm:

    ~6am: get up and dressed and ready for work (I shower he night before), get something out of freezer for dinner
    ~630am: grab lunch and water bottle out of fridge
    ~7am: start work
    ~11,1 or 3pm: finish work nad head home for a shower (love my work but gotta get rid of that old people smell)
    ~get dressed
    ~make bed (if DBF hasn't made it in the morning
    ~go back into bathroom and give it a wipeover (basin and top)
    ~grab laundry on the way out and throw a load on
    ~go into the litchen and shine my sink (if you go tot FlyLadys you'll know what I'm on about)
    ~general tidy up in kitchen
    ~start to get dinner ready (depending on what we are having and what time I finished work)
    ~fold up clothes off the line from yesterday, put piles into respective rooms and out mine and DBF away
    ~puter time
    ~then the rest of the day depends on appointments, extra chores, visiting friends etc
    ~when kids get home get them to unpack their bags and pack lunch for the next day, get them to do their chores
    ~before bed I pack my lunch, get out clothes for the next day, do a quick whip around and make sure everythings nice and neat.

    I wonder how organised I'm going to be once the baby comes? lol

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    Great thread.....

    5:00 Get up, make coffeee, take out the dog, read email
    5:30 Shower and dress
    6:00 Get my little one up and ready
    6:15 Make 3 lunches, prep dinner
    6;30 Drag my oldest out of bed kickig and screaming
    6:35 Sign organizers, make sure everyone is packed up for school with money, homework, and signed permission forms
    6:50 Leave for work
    7:15-5:00 Work at the car dealership
    5:30 Get home and fix dinner
    6:00 Help ww/ homework, clean up kitchen
    7:00 Get Rachel in the tub and scrubbed
    7:30 Put Rachel to bed, read stories together
    8:00 Pile into my bed w/ Chloe until we konk out in front of the TV
    9:00 Wake Chloe up and send her to her own room.

    I save the heavy cleaning and laundry for the weekend, and the kids help out with the chores during the week.

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    7:00am-7:30 get up and do something relaxing (knit, stitch, read)
    7:30-8:00 Take a shower and get dressed
    8:00-8:15 Feed cats,clean up their boxes
    8:15-8:30 Make my lunch, get supper ingredients ready
    8:30-9:00 Drive to work
    9:00-6:00 Work at Office ( I answer phones for a support help desk)
    6:00-6:30 Drive home
    6:30-7:30 Make supper and eat
    7:30-8:00 Do chores, dinner dishes, laundry etc..
    8:00-10:00 Relax and go to bed

    That is my M-F routine, usually one morning I get up early to do my shopping before work.

    I hope to eventually ease into working from home {fingers crossed}

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    7:00am Wake Up, deal with pets,get ready for work
    7:50--head out to work
    8:20--5:00 working hard
    5:00-5:30--drive home
    5:30-6:20--get mail, deal with pets, cook dinner, put up dishes, light house work
    6:20-6:40- dinner with the hubs
    6:40-7:00--prepare for class
    7:00-9:00--Monday/Wed take Masters class, other nights homework
    9:00-10:00--go over class notes on M/W , other nights homework
    10:00-11:00--check email, make sure everything is ready for the next day
    11:00--pets and humans ready for bed, showers, teeth, etc.
    11:30 bed time

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    Here ya go!

    5:45 Wake up and get in the shower
    5:50 Get dressed
    5:55 Make lunches
    6:00 Start getting up kids and getting them breakfast and getting them dressed and ready for school (packing backpacks, etc.)
    7:00 Leave
    7:15 Drop baby at daycare (Dh takes Patrick to daycare and Julia to school)
    7:20 Get to school - make copies, finalize lesson plans, arrange materials, get computer projector ready, etc.
    7:55-12:28 Teach
    12:28-12:50 Lunch
    12:50-2:18 Teach
    During play season, from 2:18-5:00 I have play rehearsal
    When it's not play season, I teach piano lessons after school, or work with my students who need extra help, or work on lesson plans or mentoring new teachers, etc.
    4:30-5ish Start picking up kids, home by 5:30
    5:30 Start cooking dinner, emptying dishwasher, supervising homework, playing with kids, etc.
    6:00 Dinner
    6:30 Shower for daughter, baths for boys
    7:00 Read books with kids
    7:30 All kids to bed (each one gets three songs and then lots of snuggle time with either me or Dh)
    8:00-10:00 Laundry, general house clean-up, tv with dh, reading, etc.
    If I actually make it to 10 pm, that's when I usually crash.

    These are just weekdays. On the weekends, all bets are off and I belong to the kids. I get some chores done in between, but for the most part, we play on the weekends. Also, there are some days when I actually do leave school at 2:18 and get the kids all home by 3:00 and then we play until it's time to start dinner.

    On Tuesday nights I have handbell choir and singing choir from 6:40-9:30.

    Starting in January, I will be taking graduate classes toward my principal's certificate on Wednesday nights from 6:30-9:30 as well.

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    6:45 AM: UP. I shower at night.
    7:15 AM: Car. My commute is about an hour and fifteen minutes in the AM. This is what we get for having a two-income-no-kid family where one person works in NYC and the other in Philadelphia -- but we both love our jobs!
    8:45 AM: Wheat bagel with butter
    9: Work starts
    I work thru lunch -- I usually get japanese shrimp tempura udon soup. I try to eat reasonably healthy lunches because it dramatically impacts my late-afternoon energy.
    7: Leave work
    7:10 or so: CAR. It takes me about 50 minutes to drive home at night
    8: Stop and run errands wherever I need to go ... supermarket, Target, wherever
    9: Gym - which is very social. I like going there, I always see friends.
    10: Home + Dinner, bond with husband.
    11:30: Shower, blow-dry and read
    12:30: Bed

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    You guys are making me tired!

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