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    A gift is a gift. When given one, accept it graciously no matter how unexpected/unwanted and especially when you have nothing to give back.

    One year, I didn't have it in me, my close friends then just got a card given to them when we met up over the holidays - not mailed. Another year they got some basic chocolate chip cookies and a candy cane. You get what you get right? Sometimes you can afford to give big and sometimes you just can't. Roll with it.

    As for DH's bro - I think he wanted financial help buying something OR wanted to 'save you the headache' of trying to find something to gift? Either way you can always say no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beejay View Post
    Not minor at all !!

    I think that I would have to reconsider if the above mentioned people are really "friends"
    Beejay, that is EXACTLY what I'm thinking. There have been other indicators through the years that these people aren't really my friends, but its so much harder to make friends as we get older, I think I've held on to dying relationships out of fear of not having any friends left. But what's that matter if the folks one calls friends are toxic anyway.

    But back on topic, it sure would be nice if people would take gifts in the spirit given, say thank you, and appreciate the giver just thinking of them!

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    This is a bit of a bear for me. I've sent out gifts to family before and not received a bit of thanks. And just this week I gave quite a gift to a young mom in need, with nary a thanks. I'm hoping she's just too busy with her five kids under 10 and forgotten! Still, it hurts. I feel as if I'm being taken for granted at times.

    This year we've decided we are not sending Christmas cards unless people send them to us. So far that has cut down on the cards tremendously. Guess some people were just sending to us because they received from us!

    We've also decided on a 'no gift' Christmas and told people. If they want to gift to us fine, we will say thank-you, but we won't be reciprocating with a gift. Instead we will reciprocate with an experience shared together. For example, my friend was over yesterday and we shared a deluxe treat for us...natural pistachios. I've never had them before this week. It's one of the few things on her diet and mine. We really enjoyed the experience of visiting and savouring a new nut.

    For my niece I hope to get to see her ski in the Special Olympics this winter. Much better than a gift. Her parents have not sent a card this year, or a gift, so I'm thinking that's something I don't need to worry about either. Honestly, they're blueberry farmers and I'd rather enjoy a mess of blueberries when I visit than have some meaningless gift sent to me.

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    We make our vanilla with coconut rum. Mmmmmmmmmm. That that in sugar cookies.

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