Secret santa with family?
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    Default Secret santa with family?

    Hi all,

    Post 3/10!

    I'm thinking of asking my family to do secret santa this year. I keep finding that I'm spending way too much on bad presents at Christmas. It's not that I don't want to give everyone a gift, but I'd rather spend a good amount on a thoughtful present for one person rather than c.£10 on each family member with a present where the likelihood is it won't be want they want.
    I'm normally pretty good with presents, and feel like I use the money quite wisely, but I think I need to change things up. One year I did make everyone mulled wine and biscuits which went down reasonably well, but still cost more than it was worth i'm sure!

    In an ideal senario I'd not give or receive ANY presents, but culture and everything means I probably can't get away with that - perhaps a few years down the line I'll gradually work my way up to it.

    A friend of mine's family does secret santa for everyone in their family, which I think is a great idea. Have any of you introduced this and was it a success?

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    We do it, but it's done with gag gifts.
    Kids under 18 get actual gifts and we draw names for one adult gift.

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    I haven't exchanged with my side of the family for years ... and years. However since we moved to Florida 22 years ago we've exchanged with his whole family every year. Edited to add... makes me feel guilty but my family can't afford it and all's good/
    His family...Luckily it isn't huge but still not small either. I suggested doing draw names for adults and buy for kids last Christmas. Exception being parents and their kids of which we would have of course. Wasn't very well received. Doesn't make sense to me because a few of them do restaurant gift cards which is nice.... but then that's what we do for them also. All we do is swap gift cards. One year I just kept the gift cards and regifted.
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