CVS this week- Dove sham/cond. 2/$6, get $5 ECBS when you buy $15 worth- use bogof coupons from Sunday's paper....I got 6 bottles, used 3 c's, c's rang off at reg. price of $ I paid $1.21 for 2 bottles, $3.63 total, got $5 ecbs back....I 'made' $1.37 for taking 6 bottles out of the store! I think it should have rung out on the sale price of $3 off, but the cashier said it was 'fine' when I pointed it out. I think she was ill informed or just too lazy to fix it, but it worked out for me and I have a clear conscience about it. Even if your cashier rings it in properly, it's still a great deal. Deod + body wash on sale and counts towards the $15 too, they have coupons from Sunday as well, I just found the shamp/cond. to be the best deal.

Demoulas/Market basket- men's Gillette deod. on sale 2/$5...use $2 off one c from Sunday's paper- .50 each!