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    Default Investment & Money Management..


    I am implementing the second phase of my return to financial sanity.. 1) saving 2) retirement 3) downpayment for a house.
    I start teaching in two weeks and since I am playing catchup in all areas, I need some advice. I really would like to find a great financial planner. I am not interested in someone selling company products for a commission etc or just giving bad advice. I am knowledgeable about mutual funds etc. but since I am getting into this game by a little later because just finished grad school and training.. I really need to make big leaps etc. I know this is a touchy area but I have met so many con-artist type or company salesman .. I am kinda tired. Have asked friends etc but either they are not saving, or don't understand the plans/companies they are enrolled with etc.

    Anyone have any companies, websites etc that you recommend?

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    If you could kick in the pants the person responsible for your problems, you wouldn't be able to sit for a month.

    Did you know that a 4 year student paying $20,000/year who finances their education graduates with over $103,000 in debt to start? But a student who works and pays cash and takes 6 years to graduate ends with $6,300 in their pocket! So much for "getting a head start by financing!"

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