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    Default CCs in Collections

    have three credit cards that have hit collections. What do I do.l Only one of them was I able to negotiate with enough to afford the payments the other two call me but never have anything to offer that I can remotely work with.

    What are my options?

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    Keep negotiating. Bear in mind that your credit is already trashed and even though they will threaten all kinds of things it's all water under the bridge at this point. Likewise they will threaten court but very few will actually go through with it.

    Eventually they will get tired of you when they realize they can't get their money quickly and sell your debt to another collector. Maybe you can negotiate with them.

    If the calls bother you, look up the instructions for getting them to only contact you by mail. That's slower and less stress to deal with. Also know that they cannot harrass you at work or call your family or neighbors.
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    ^^ Basically this.

    As long as you cannot work with the other two cards, do not pay them a dime. Paying too little or nothing at all will have the same impact on your life.

    So, keep you basics going (food, shelter, water/electricity, clothing, transportation), pay minimums on all except those not wanting to work with you, and - if anything is left over - keep pummeling the smallest debt til it's gone.

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