decoupage for countertops?
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    Default decoupage for countertops?

    I'm thinking about doing decoupage to my countertops ( see the picture of a sample of what that looks like in my gallery) but concerned about the chemicals in the polyurathane clear top coat and posiioning myself with chemicals.
    do you think its safe to use polyurethane clear coat on countertops at home ?????????

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    I checked out the picture, it looks great!

    I think this would work at a home with no children.....with someone who is careful and always uses a cutting board.....the only thing I would worry about is that if it was in a high use/traffic area that the clear coat might start to chip???? Might want to check with the 800 number of the company that makes the clear coat and see when dry if they think there is any danger.


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    ~Another option would be to cover your work with a sheet of plexiglass.~

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