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    Default get your Walgreen's Rewards NOW

    If you have a Walgreen's card you have until Jan 31 to redeem any points on it. They are discontinuing the program.

    I didn't shop there often enough to care, but out of curiousity I tried to log in to the website to check my balance. When I could not I called their 800 line. I was on hold a while -- they are getting a lot of calls, as you can imagine-- but when I got to the service person she not only told me my balance, but gave me the extra points I would need in order to reach the total needed for a gift card! The card came today.

    I don't know if they'll always be that nice to people who call, but it might be worth a few bucks to you to check your balance by phone before the end of the month!
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    I don't do Walgreens or Rite Aid..........but think if I had the R.A. 'up rewards' I wouldn't hang on to those too long either.........

    was reading that they are in financial trouble........and since you had to pay a higher price to get them might as well turn them in.

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