Overcharged $9 today!
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    Default Overcharged $9 today!

    I knew I shouldn't have gotten into the line where the store manager was running the register. I had DH with me and we had picked up some Oscar Meyer sandwich kits, you know the ones that normally run about $3 apiece? They were on sale for 2.50 and some had been marked 50% off that because they were close to expiry date. So, sandwiches for DH's lunch for 1.25 each.... I got 4.

    They got rung up wrong. Only one rang the correct reduced price, the other 3 rang at 2.50, and the manager added two more I didn't even buy! Then he took off 2.50 for the discount. Huh?

    I knew it was wrong when I got the total, but I paid and went right to the service desk to get it fixed. Well, the manager came over to see what was wrong and I showed him he'd put six in instead of the 4 I bought, and he'd overcharged me too.

    He said he had refunded me the $2.50 and I said no, that was wrong. So we went over it and he was going to refund me $4 and some change and I said No. And we went over it again. And we got to 7.25 plus tax, and DH was behind me saying "just take it" because his blood sugar was dropping like a rock. So I said ok, figuring getting most of it back was better than arguing over the last dollar and having DH faint on me.

    And as they counted it back to me, going down the receipt, the manager got to the end and said "And I owe you another 1.25"

    Finally! Argh! I've never had to argue for a refund that hard before! From now on I am only getting in the lines with the experienced cashiers who know how to ring up stuff like that.

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    Had a problem like that with a return at Family Dollar. I literally had to fight with the manager to explain what was going on. When she rang up a fake return to show me why my receipt was the way it was I pointed out that my receipt was a credit not a debit. Finally she understood and gave me the money back.

    Sometimes you just have to stand your ground when you know it is not right no matter how much they think it is. Good for you!

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    You would think a manager would have a better handle on such a simple thing- good for you for fighting for what's yours!

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    Usually they will give you something as a sorry but not recently.
    And I hate to say this -but I have never dealt w/ so many idiots as this week.
    Had to explain how to do things to the lady at the ins. company.
    That she could not send me new slips until I had completed the exclution form for my DD because it will be printed on the slip.
    I called the certificate of ins. silly me

    The electronic mortgage took 2 payments and I put a stop payment and called the ins. Now I get a letter claiming there were no funds so I must try and call them.

    It seems no one can do their job no matter how easy.
    oh and managers so often suck on the register,owner-worse lol

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    Bravo for fighting!!

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    ~I am so glad you got your money back! What kind of math were they using?
    I rarely get errors, probably because I don't shop much, but I got one two weeks ago. I bought a can of olives that rang up $.34 higher than the shelf price. Bet your pumpkin I went to the service desk and had a worker run back to check the price. I got my $.34 back politely but begrudgingly from the staff. My $.34 saved is earned, baby. ~

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    I went to PetSmart a week or so ago because they had a sale on canned dog food. When I got to the register the girl said they had another promo in addition to the sale and that I could get 4 additional cans free with my purchase of 24 cans.

    So I go get 4 more cans and she starts ringing up the dog food, scanning a coupon she had at the register and doing the Lord only knows what else. I ended up with 28 cans of dog food for $7 and some change. The total should have been much higher (I forget how much now).

    I tried to tell her she made a mistake, but she assured me the total was correct. So I paid and left the store shaking my head!

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    Sometimes you just have to shake your head. I had a mgr. have a fit today cuz I was buying 22 boxes of Puffs. He asked if I cleared the shelf and did he have to restock. I looked at him and said NO....Cashier had to call him over twice cuz my RR would not print and he acted the first time like I was bothering him & doing something wrong...the second time he was a little nicer.... I told the cashier who was super nice and very helpful that mgr. should be thanking me for buying the Puffs at his store and not another store...they have them on every corner in this city....

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