how to work a coupon deal
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    Default how to work a coupon deal

    While I was shopping this morning I noticed the store (Price Chopper) had marked down Stove Top stuffing to 69c a box. I was looking at the display, wondering if I should use my "buy 4 get 1 free" coupon when I noticed some of the boxes were marked "free coupon inside". So I looked at the box and it said there was a $1 off 2 coupon inside the box. I thought about it a second, and bought two boxes for 1.38.

    Went out to the car, opened the box, and tore two coupons off the package. Went back in the store and bought 4 boxes for .80.

    Went out to the car, removed 4 coupons, went in and bought 8 boxes of stuffing for 1.52.

    I could have repeated that again, getting 16 boxes of stuffing for $3, but I was in a hurry to get to an event this afternoon so I stopped there. I ended up with 6 boxes for myself for 2.18 and 8 boxes for 1.52 which I put in the Harvester's food bin.

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    Need a Way To Go button. Great deal and sharing with with others in need...priceless.
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    LOL! You certainly were determined! (love it) And your story puts some much needed hope back into coupons, at least for me! It hasn't been the greatest lately, so.... But WTG on your very nice deal, and have to also mention how thoughtful it was for you to make the donation! I've been reading how so many of the food pantries are full of empty shelves. It's great when we have the opportunity to share.

    Thanks for posting!!


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    wtg. I remember when those deals could be done. I feel there so rare now.

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    I would have done the same

    Last fall, I found a deal on gravy in jars. It was $ 1 per jar, and inside the label was a coupon, for $ 1 off 2. I bought 2 and took them home. Got the coupons off, and when I went to town again, I bought 4 jars. Next time 8 and then 16. I stopped then. I figured great for stews, mashed potatoes, and also for hot meat sandwiches. At 50 cents a jar, it was a bargain to me.
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    Last fall I got 20 boxes of stove top stuffing. I have one box left. I just love a good deal. My Ingles will let you take the coupons right out of the box at the register .

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    Awsome job Contrary Housewife, that was amazing . Also mamamia, you are correct about the empty shelves at food pantries, my best friend works the one in her church 1 a month, she says she doesn't ever remember their stocks being so low, and she has worked it for over 10 yrs.

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    I am new at using coupons and I am still having trouble finding great deals, I just printed some new coupons for coffee and cat stuff but I would love to get something for that cheap someday.

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