Child Development and toy frustration/question
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    Default Child Development and toy frustration/question

    I have about had it. I gashed my foot open on yet another leggo. I am sick of this. How much is too much? I don't feel my kids have too much toys I really don't. But on the other hand they leave them laying around, they must not be all that stimulating. All their toys could fit easily in two laundry baskets. Although they leave them everywhere. I am about to purge again (band-aided foot motivated). How far back is too far back? Any input??

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    as far as the child development part of it...if i pare back their stuff too much will that...hurt their development any?? All tv, commercials, ads, etc show a well stocked toy chest/bedroom. But is that just consuimerism and keeping up with the Jones's?

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    Ah...the age old dilemma! How many toys are enough?

    We have similar issues around here. I've purged our toys so many times, Julia gets nervous when she sees me with a toy in my hand. When I purge the toys, I try to remember if anyone has played with the toy in the past 6 months. If not, to the garage sale box or to charity it goes.

    Legos and blocks are the bane of my existence around our playroom, but the way I look at it is, if they are out on the floor, then they are definitely playing with them. It's just time for me to re-remind everyone of the clean-up rules and the consequences for not cleaning up.

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