Anyone use cloth diapers?
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    Default Anyone use cloth diapers?

    I have a 22 month old and a new one coming in a couple of months. I have never used cloth diapers for any of my kids. I used Luvs for years and now I use the walmart brand. I am considering putting both of my diapering kids in cloth soon. I am looking for any input I can get. I have been doing some research on line and there is a lot to choose from. I would like to do the all in one cloth that doesn't require pins and a diaper cover but they are really expensive!! My mother in law asked me if there is anything she could get me for the new baby and I am thinking about telling her some cloth diapers. Please help me with the decision!! Does it really save that much money ( it does save on the environment!) and is the cleaning a pain? Thanks in advance!!! Amy

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    I've cloth diapered two boys so far (and for a while, they were both in them) and am planning on cd'ing my third who is due in Jan. as well. You're right, there's a lot out there! If you're looking for frugality, I stick with prefold diapers held closed with a Snappi, and a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap or a wool knitted soaker pant over top. Prefolds are cheap and last forever, are easier to use than you might think at first, and the wraps don't need to be washed every time they are wet, just air-dryed and rotated for a day or two. Prefolds also wash and dry faster than the all-in-one (AIO) models since they aren't all enclosed in multiple layers.

    Keep them in a dry pail, rinsing off the poopage and maybe sprinkling in some baking soda after a poopy deposit in the pail. I think even with two babies in the dipes I laundered dipes 2-3x per week at the most, ever. Mostly 2x I think. Hot wash with 1/3 the normal amount of detergent, rinse, maybe double rinse if you think they are retaining suds, and then dry however you'd like (though they get rather crunchy on the line!) Occasionally toss some vinegar in the rinse to prevent stinky suds buildup, or run an extra cycle without any detergent to strip them.

    That said, I do also keep a couple AIOs and pocket dipes (which you can stuff with a folded prefold) for outings or babysitters/grandmas! And don't forget to check online and classifieds - dipes have great resale value and you can often get a stack of them in wonderful condition for half the cost!

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    check out the natural living forum there was a thread about this with some pretty useful perspectives.

    i cloth diapered my son for several months and we plan to do it with my daughter. i used a service and i told myself i would try it and if i didnt like it we would just stop....its not as hard as you may think and it did save us a TON especially in the first few months when they are going constantly. there are places online were you can get a starter kit of about 3 days worth of diapers and covers for about 150

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    Yes! Of course, it was 25 years ago...and I really had no choice. My mom bought me cloth and that's what we used because we simply didn't have the money to buy anything else.
    Even then, you had to fold them, and the *plastic* pants were awful...but I would do it again. I really do not understand why people won't do this?
    It is not that much extra work, or any more icky. The cloth diapers available today are wonderful! JMO.
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    Ive got a 15 month old DD and we are planning on another 2 so we ordered some all-in-one nappies over the net and will get them in January.

    I worked out my sums and it is by far cheaper to use cloth then disposable and i have heard with the new nappies, there is no soaking, just rinse off the pooh and wash.

    I will let you know if I get my nappies first.

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    I use cloth on my 2.5 year old and have off and on since he was born. (More on than off!)

    Anyway, I don't like the all in ones, they are easy, but bulky and take forever to dry. And they are expensive. I use prefold cloth diapers, a water proof cover (Proraps are good and inexpensive, plus they last forever) and a snappi diaper fastener.

    I used Fuzzi Bunz until my son outgrew them, then I went with the prefolds and covers since they were less $$. Fuzzi Bunz are great, but they are pricey.
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