For Father's Day, a gift that will save money!
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    Lightbulb For Father's Day, a gift that will save money!

    ~So this Father's Day I invested $107 in a Mr. Beer keg, 4 full beer kits(each for 21 bottles), a few brewing tools and bottlecaps. We have the bottles and my brother is providing the capper.
    The craft and imported beers we like to buy are $2 each and up. Our home brews will be $1.30 each for the first 84, then $1 each thereafter.
    My FIL has been using a traditional brewing system and a Mr Beer for several years with great success. I knew just what kits to buy and who to consult for tips.
    Plus I saved even more money on the Mr. Beer website by building my own kit. Kit price: $40, Build-my-own: $23. :beer:
    I thought you'd all appreciate the $ details but the real point of this post was that this is a gift that will save money.
    We use our pocket money to buy alcohol. So what this gift does is free up a significant portion of that for other things.
    I really love gifts that will save or pay the recipient money. Some other ones I've given and received are: reusable shopping totes(stores give you $ for using them), tools, Tightwad Gazette, cloth napkins, cloth diapers, and vegetable plants and seeds.
    What other gifts can you think of that will pay dividends to the recipient?~

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    Actually. I had purchased DH a Mr. Beer kit recently and found the yeast kit on clearance at K-mart.
    Groupon had a beer brewing class. DD will be 21 in Oct. so they will go together.

    I will make a cake for DH and beef tips and noodles all w/ household stuff.
    My dad is getting a safe w/ the request of putting imp. papers in it for mom. Saving strife.
    DH has no dad alive.

    Last year I bought those battery chargers for a sure start. Thats a good winter saver for sure. Tows are expensive.

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