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    This has been coming for 2 years now as I started to notice 2 summers ago when dh had no overtime That is unheard of in the A/C business then last year no bonus and only straight time all winter people are just not replacing heating systems even with the govt tax credits. Even if they do they go with a large company like sears who will finance them because they dont have the money to pay . We have learned to live on much less .
    Interesting today 4 of us are meeting for an early brunch at Perkins we call ourselves the unemployed divas all of us were working last year newest member lost her job 2 weeks ago. She was in the wedding industry which is also taking a big hit. Only things going well are hospitals and super centers cause you have to eat and people get sick. Recession is far from over in some ways its only just begun.

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    Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, our health insurance premium would be going up.
    The new premium came in today.

    This year we paid $ 884 per month (for 5 of us) with a deductible of $232 each per year.
    We are going up to $929 per month with a deductible of $247 each per year.

    It could have been worse, I suppose *sigh*.

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    I must admit petrol prices where I live are very high £109.4 per litre.
    One of the main companies here shut down and made 10% of the village unemployed and there are no jobs here what so ever for them to get unless they move away.

    Personally I have been frugal for years so I never really noticed except for the price of milk, bread etc I have not noticed it.
    We dont have any debts and we rent our house, I stay at home looking after the kids and my hubby works. I am just glad people need to eat and still need their vehicles, it just means he still has a job. Not that he got any wage rises, and probably will not for a long time, however we can get by quite well.
    things I found that have really helped us, is we go fishing every weekend and that covers at least 3 nights dinners,a couple of lunches, and if we get plenty of mackerel upto 5 mornings breakfast. I grow a lot of veg so dont really know if those have went up in price or not.

    My heart really does go out to those who are losing their homes, struggling to pay the bills to stay warm or even eat. I know a lot of people here are feeling it with oil prices as we dont have mains gas, and at 64p per litre for heating oil it is costly and I know the prices are going to go up very soon. Where I am most people either have full electric or oil heating so it is expensive living here, and I know those who lost their jobs are struggling a lot, Our community is getting smaller with these families moving away just to be able to eat.

    It might not be affecting me, but I know plenty it is affecting.

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    Thankfully both me and DH's jobs are secure. He is in the Air Force and I work on base where they're hurting for more people to work.

    But we are feeling it in our credit cards. We used these to fund our IVF ICSI which gave us the twins that are in my belly. Our minimums are up as well as interest rates. Our car inurance looks like it's going up because they sent a letter telling us they're basing the rates on credit scores.

    We're hoping that by the time we leave Germany in 2-3 years, we can get most of the credit cards paid off. DH's car will be paid off in a year and a half and mine in 3 years. So we can start snowballing those payments.

    DH is getting promoted and got an increase for hitting 10 years. 2010 is bringing a 3.4% (or close to that) pay rise so we'll use that to bring down our debt. He gets a bonus installment in January and we're throwing that and our tax return at debt.

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