Im not sure how this goes, but here it is!

- Spent only $38.04 of $50 weekly budget getting groceries! ($18 left for later on this week, woohoo!) I bought 4 Bags of Starburst Gummies clearanced @ $.69 each, 2 bags of clearanced LifeSavers @ $.50 each, and a XL Kit Kat bar clearanced @ $.59! Hubby works 12 hr shifts these snacks will keep him from spending OOP. (He loves Lifesaver Gummies but they are usually about $2.50/bag, so I saved about $10! I also have fuel points from buying groceries enough to save $.10/gallon!)

- Used FREE Mcdonalds FRAPPE coupons from Sunday's paper paid $0 instead of paying $2.79! (We treat ourselves to these every now and then, but usually pay FULL PRICE @ up to $3.29! I bought 20 of these coupons off Ebay for $10! I took this out of our "Fast Food/Restaurant" budget. We will save up to $75!)