FAntastic Frugal Friday!!!
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    Talking FAntastic Frugal Friday!!!

    Afternoon ladies!Busy day here...........

    make beds-done
    wash and hang 4 loads of laundry
    clean up kitchen
    clean up living room
    clean ds's room
    clean dd's room
    clean our room
    dh comes home @2!!!!!and he has 3 days off
    hopefully start packing for a trip to the mountains at dh boss's cabin(cross your fingers I hope we can go)

    LUnch-pb and j,fruit
    DInner-dunno we might not be here

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    Hello all! Going to a friends for dinner tonight. DH has been home all day. Hopefully we'll get that deck going this weekend! Been busy, but it is hard with DH here.

    Made bed
    fed baby
    did 4 loads laundry
    swish and swiped bathroom
    hung flags for weekend

    Need to do:
    Dishes and kitchen clean up

    Have a nice weekend!

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    HI, I have not been here in a LOOOONNNNGGG TIME!

    Hope to be coming here more than before.....some of you will know me from Mamacentral and FM's......will keep you guessing!

    A day of nothing but cleaning!!!!! I am beat!!!

    Have a nice holiday weekend.

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    Hi Ladies
    Been a bit of a slower day than it has over the past four days, thank goodness.
    Today I have........
    Folded and put away the eight loads of laundry I dried last night
    Marinated the brisket I will cook for FIL will start it to cook tonight to eat on Sat
    Made my bed and ds's bed
    Balanced checkbook
    Went through my bedroom and cleaned it up hung my picture that has been setting on my dresser forever
    vaccumed out some hidious cobwebs in my closet
    cleaned my silverware caddies and wiped out that drawer
    Played on Toon Disney with ds
    Washed and loaded into dishwasher dishes from icecream last night and breakfast dishes
    Still need to...
    Take ds to his 1st baseball game (he says his going to hit a homer he's 7 yrs)
    Go to WM and pick up some milk and check out the Mulberry candle recommended
    Make beef jerky for DD she gets her Braces next Wed and they said no more beef jerky, she bout had a squalling fit so I promised I would make her a batch to gobble up before her braces get on
    Right before we go down for the night I want to....
    swipe off bathroom (just refresh it from being cleaned yesterday)
    Run a quick sweep over the kitchen floor and shake off backdoor rug
    Put the brisket into cook over night
    Have a nice day

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    Smile Frugal Friday here!! :)

    Frugal Friday here!!
    Today Made up the Beds!!
    Washed DD's Bedding!!
    Gave DD and Myself a Shower!!
    Cleaned the shower!!
    Cleaned and Organized Magazines!!
    Cleaned the Kitchen Table!!
    Washed a Load of Dishes!!
    Dryed Clothes!!
    Getting Ready for DD's Birthday Party on Saturday!!
    I plan on Wrapping her Presents !!
    I plan on finishing Dusting!!
    I plan on washing some more clothes, drying some more clothes, and puttin up the the clean clothes!!
    I also plan on putting up the clean dishes!!
    I also plan on vacuuming!!
    Breakfast was Krispy Kream!!
    Lunch was Spagetti!!
    Supper or Dinner I don't know what it will be!!
    I organized Coupons last night and now I have to come up with a Grocery Shopping List for Saturday!!
    Have a Great Frugal Memorial Day Weekend and Don't forget honor the Veterans!!

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    Woke up with a headache this morning. I hate when I do that. I managed to:

    take a shower/ shave my legs
    got ds up for school
    moved laundery over to dry/started a new load
    couldn't make up the bed(dh was still sleeping in it LOL!)
    Took 800 mg of Motrin for the headache
    Changed Em/ got her morning bottle

    Dh got up at about 7:45 a.m. and cleaned the kitchen for me. He's a keeper.

    WE then:

    went to Wal-Mart
    went to our insurance agent to update renters insurance
    and dh treated me to a yummy deli for lunch

    We then came home and I made a grocery list for the commissary. Dh did that for me too, my head still hurt a little and Em was sleepy. He's wonderful.

    Other than switching laundry around that was pretty much my day. I love relaxing days. Now what's for dinner? HMMM I'll have to figure that one out. LOL!!

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