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I try to stay prepared for this type "scenario"...
My Food essentials would be:

~A good supply bottled water/spring water
~Powdered milk and/or canned condensed milk
~Various types dry beans
~Long grain white AND brown rice--OPTIONAL-Jasmine and Basmati rice
~Bread flour
~AP or SR flour
~Whole wheat flour
~Dried herbs, spices, and pepper
~Oatmeal - Old fashioned AND quick cooking
~Canned veggies
~Canned fruits with and without added sugar
~Canned tomato products
~Canned tomato sauce and paste
~Dried various pastas
~Canned meats such as chicken, ham, tuna, salmon and spam
~Salt-regular and Kosher
~Peanut butter-smooth and crunchy
~Cocoa powder
~Vinegar-white, cider, red wine, and white wine
~Grape jelly
~Home canned butter
~Home canned orange marmalade
~Home canned Apple butter
~Baking soda-(for baking and cleaning)
~Baking powder and/or cream of tartar
~Cornstarch-(for cooking and HBA's)
~Chicken, Beef, and Vegetable bouillon cubes/granules and/or soup bases
~Dehydrated fruits and veggies-(preferable home dried)
~Several large jugs 100% juice with no added sugar
~A couple containers V-8 type juice (with lower sodium)
~Instant potato flakes/mashed potatoes-only 100% potatoes-no fillers added
~Dog food-can and huge bag dry

So far, this what I keep in my pantry...As I use the products, I buy more and rotate the items to keep them fresh and in date for later use.

*I've never tried dried butter or egg powder products...but have been thinking about it.
If the taste is relatively decent and they work as they should, they could come in very handy!*
Snap, I forgot about a few things...

~Cream of wheat
~8 grain hot cereal
~Cornflakes cereal
~Popcorn kernals
~Ramen noodles - chicken, beef, and shrimp
~PopTarts~~~Heaven help anyone that comes in between DD and DH and their poptarts....
~ In addition to regular long grain rice, I also keep Minute Rice on hand-white and brown
~Sugar-white granulated, powdered, and brown
~Pork and beans
~Canned soups-Chicken noodle and Tomato
~Spaghetti sauce
~Dog treats-long rawhide rolls, milk bones, and chicken treats...gotta keep these on hand to keep "The Boys" from jumping ship...
~Coffee - regular and instant
~Tea-regular, decaf, and green
~Dried spices, herbs, and seasonings
~Oils-EVOO, Canola, Vegetable, and vegetable shortening
~Peanuts and cashews-whole and pieces
~Canned mushrooms
~Canned Asian veggies
~Dales, Soy, Tamari, Hoisin, Oyster sauces
~Dry Ranch dressing mix

Well...this is all I can remember now...lol