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    ~Oh, and the frozen milk experiment is going great! I don't know what I was doing wrong when I tried it a couple years ago. Then I was getting extreme separation of the defrosted milk and the tiny milk fat blobs made it impossible to drink so I just used it for baking. Maybe I was freezing whole milk? I'm freezing 2% now. We go through almost 3 gallons a week now. DD #1 is a milk monster like my brother was. I think he drank 3 or 4 gallons a week by himself as a teen.~

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    Oh happy day...I am so glad this thread is back...I got lazy on the frugal wagon but I need to jump back on with a vengence as I broke my arm and expect to be off work for another 8 less money coming in and I don't want to totally deplete the savings...sooo back to BRUTAL FRUGALITY:
    1.) Reusing those coffee grounds
    2.) Placing thermostat on 85 versus 77
    3.) No eating out, no junk food,
    4.) Grocery shopping once weekly...and no other driving anywhere
    5.) Attending a church within walking distance
    6.) Watching those cell phone minutes to stay in line with my plan
    7.) Make everything from scratch
    Gotta think of a couple other things...
    Blessed and Highly Favored!!!!
    From $78K in debt to debt free and purchased a house with 100% cash...God is sooo Good!!!
    Goal: Build EF and cash flow graduate degree and REMAIN DEBT FREE!!!

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