Need Help With Coupon Swap Site....
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    Exclamation Need Help With Coupon Swap Site....

    Why do I do these things to myself....

    Why do I constantly open my big yap & get myself in over my head....

    I'm a FreeCycle member for El Paso/Las Cruces....the other day, someone said, "hey - how about if we swap coupons," and of course being the oh-but-no-let's-stick-to-the-rules type ( ) said, "well, this isn't the forum for it, we'd need another group for local coupon swaps...."

    And now I'm the "leader"

    And here I am begging for help!!

    We're swapping local grocer's coupons, local restaurants, etc....

    I know there should be some type of rules established up front to make for nicer trades, etc....

    So - what are these rules?!

    Surely someone must know of them!!

    I can't believe I've opend my mouth yet again & gotten myself into this!!

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated....

    Like I said, it's all local stuff, but I'm sure guidelines would help keep things on track!

    Thanks All!

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    To swap via the Refund Express magazine, they have you send all your coupons in one category (ie: health, pets, frozen, etc) to a coordinator, who in turn sends you back the same number of coupons. You provide a wish list and they try to match it. That might be wwwwaaaayyyy too much work, though, IMHO!

    I'm sure you know how Karen has our coupon swap set-up here at the Village-- each person gets a name to send to, and there are just guidelines on what to send: 20 or so coupons plus a bonus "freebie" such as a pack of popcorn or other little surprise.

    Good luck!

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    I belong to a coupon group on Yahoo, You can post your ISOs and everyone has to send out 4 required coupon envies a month. All the wishlists are posted on the group site. It might be easier to coordinate a get together once a month where everyone can bring their coupons to swap, of course that would be more difficult for mothers of small children. We have a local coupon group that does this, and I just don't have enough energy to take a 1 and a 2 year old. Lmk if I can help.

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