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    We can only buy in bulk bins at Bulk Barn and the health food stores. Grocery stores here moved away from bins because of health issues. Now they stack premeasured containers of the stuff they used to carry in bulk, call it bulk and charge an astronomical price for it!

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    Originally posted by DaisyLady
    Now they stack premeasured containers of the stuff they used to carry in bulk, call it bulk and charge an astronomical price for it!

    We had one health food store here that had premeasured baggies of all the bulk items and the prices were fantastic. Sadly, they went out of business after the hurricanes last fall (I think they had a lot of damage to their store).

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    Originally posted by mrscornbread
    I have seen so many kids running their hands through the beans and rice.

    Funny this thread should show up now. Last night I was gonna cook some white rice that my brother said that he got at food for less, he poured it in a big popcorn can that did have 25 pounds in it, but we have used it up and need to replace it. When I looked in the tin, I found what looked like mouse droppings...just one, but that is what I think it was. I threw it all away and made something else, he said it was probably a rock, but I think I know what rodent poop looks like. I quit buying from those bins when I say kids playing with the food, but now the idea of rodents in there is way too much. Sorry if I grossed any of you out, but I think that you should think twice before using that stuff even though it is cheap.
    Yep Rats and mice love those bins after the stores close. Like I said I wouldn't ever buy anything fromt hem even if they were well kept during the day because I used to have to check them in the mornings for dead mice and rats YUCK!

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    Winco here too.. They have one of the largest bulk sections that I have seen.. Price Chopper has some things in bins, but I love Winco bulk food.. Especially when it comes to their spices, and S/F candies.. DS is diabetic and really doesn't need even the s/f candy much so I buy just a couple of pieces to keep him happy.. The food turnover here is real quick too, so I don't mind buying there.. It "seems" very clean where we are at..I guess that is where the saying "Buyer beware" comes into effect...

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