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    Default Update from Laine's Letters

    Dear Sisters,
    Hi! Since so many things have gone up in cost, I try my best to make things
    last or to stretch things to their full value. I'll try to share with you
    some of the things I've been learning and trying.

    Here they are:

    1~ Celery was on sale for .33 a bunch during the holidays. Since I know how
    to stretch the life of celery now, I bought 3 bunches. I wrap them tightly
    in foil and keep them in the fridge. This keeps my celery nice and crisp for
    a long time.

    2~ I keep all my yogurts, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, and sour cream
    upside down in the fridge. This keeps them fresher longer than the
    expiration date.

    3~ I love to go to the 99 Cents Store when it just opens in the morning.
    It's amazing the deals you can find there at that time since they are
    putting out a lot of their produce, and some of their products are of a
    limited supply. So I have found whole, seedless watermelons this past summer
    for only .99. They were delicious. I've also found good quality raisins for
    .99 for 12 ounces.

    4~ I shop the Dollar Store, too. This week I found quite a few lovely gifts
    there. I got some beautiful aroma therapy lotions, sprays, and oils for only
    $1 a piece. My mother saw them and bought many for gifts as well, since they
    were such nice quality. I just pray as I shop. And this was a product high
    on the shelves with not too many left. So I try to really check out the
    whole store as I shop, because there are a lot of cheap things, but then
    there are some really good finds as well if you search.

    5~ I still only use half as much detergent in my clothes washer, and my
    clothes are just as clean as they were when I used the recommended amount. I
    also still hang out my clothes on the line to save on propane.  So I'm back
    and forth all day, but it's good exercise and my clothes are holding up

    6~ I still cut our hair. It's saved us a lot of money and time over the
    years, as I don't have to travel to a salon.

    7~ We also still wash our own cars. This is another savings over the years
    that has added up.

    8~ We still do not have cable t.v., a cell phone, or internet service. No
    newspaper either. But we manage well without them, and I really appreciate
    not getting those four bills in the mail each month.

    9~ I still use coupons a lot and try to save as much as I can with them.
    We're not fussy about our toothpaste, or shampoo, or conditioner, so I can
    often stock up on those items for free or near free with double coupons. If
    there is anything I can get for free using coupons, I will get it. And if we
    don't use it, I'll pass it on to the food pantry.

    10~ Tea is such a healthy alternative to sodas and juices. We have hot,
    herbal teas and cold, herbal teas. Everyone loves raspberry tea, hot or
    cold. And it's so easy to make as well, not to mention inexpensive.

    11~ I put my dish detergent in a small olive oil dispenser. Now I use less
    dish detergent and still get the same soapy suds. Plus my dispenser is so
    pretty to look at.

    12~ I found brand new Bible covers at my local thrift shop still in their
    packaging for $2 a piece. It never fails to amaze me what you can find at a
    thrift shop or a garage sale. I still buy items and put them away in my
    "gift box" so that I can pull out a gift when I need it.

    13~ I love to use leftovers, so I'll use leftover rice in a stir fry or in a
    rice pudding. I'll use leftover beans in a chili. I'll use leftover potatoes
    in hash browns or a soup. To me, leftovers are so enjoyable.

    14~ Since gas has gone up, I stay home more. And my husband uses my car
    instead of his truck to go to work, since his truck uses diesel, and diesel
    is running $2.59 a gallon in our area presently. So we're working together
    to save money and make each trip count.

    15~ My food budget is still $100 a week for seven of us. This includes
    toiletries and all paper products as well.  It is a challenge with prices
    going up, but the more I keep learning, the more we can continue to save.  A
    price book has been such a help, so I know when a deal is really a deal.
    Also it helps me to know where to buy what if I keep good notes.

    16~ I still have a recipe book that I am working on for my kids. It helps me
    to notate each recipe that I really treasure. I can also retrieve recipes
    faster now, which helps me in saving time and money in my cooking. Abbie
    said that is one of the first things she would grab in the event of a fire.

    I hope you all have such a lovely day. It was so good sharing with you all
    what the LORD has been teaching me. He is so good!


    Laine's official website:           <http://lainesletters.com>

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    I am confused - how do you go on here if you said that you don't have internet service?

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    This was an email sent to me that I just copied and pasted in a post. She has a friend that runs her website. I think she either uses a computer at the library or at her friend's house.

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    Thanks for clearing that up Shannon. I got the same email and I was wondering the same thing.

    I love Laines Letters. They are so inspirational.

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    Very good letter. Thanks for sharing. How does yoghurt, cream and cheese stay fresher by turning upside down?

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    Rachael, I had heard that before... Supposedly since the opening in sealed by all the product being there it doesn't spoil due to air contact. I don't know, seems confusing. Maybe I'm not understanding it.
    You know how those things seperate once they are opened maybe that's what happenes it keeps from seperating... someone else want to try?

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