Metal spoons have multiple uses. You can use several to make a wind chime or garden markers, or use one as a little shovel for houseplants or small digging jobs in your garden. Chilled (refrigerated) spoons can help reduce puffy eyes, too. Apply the rounded side to your closed eyes. The handles can be bent and made into spoon rings or bracelets. You can make resin spoon pendants or ornaments, too. For a tutorial, visit
I was taught to peel an orange by cutting into the top or bottom with a spoon and sliding the spoon around the orange to peel off the skin.
The first reader tip uses a spoon in a similar way:

Peel a hard-boiled egg:

Roll the hard-boiled egg around on the counter, and then pinch the top of the shell off. Gently slide the spoon down the side between the egg and shell, and the egg will practically peel itself. — S.H.P., Louisiana
Hummingbird nectar:

I made nectar in a pan until I realized I could use the microwave to make it right in the feeder jar, which is much quicker and leaves me with fewer dishes to clean. Or I make it in a quart jar in the microwave, storing the extra in the fridge so it’s handy. Be sure to bring feeders in at night if bears or raccoons are a problem; they’re very destructive to hummingbird feeders. — S.D., Minnesota
Use for plastic straws:

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