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    Default Re-giving

    Last year, a lady gave me a fancy book for keeping those $1 gold coins in, but I prefer the simpler one I've had longer. I gave this book, just today to "Toys" for Teens.

    My question is: if the subject of the given away item comes up with the person who gave it to you (and I'm with this person almost daily), how do you handle it? She's not one, herself, to every give away, or donate, stuff she's been given. (Don't know where she puts it all....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by asimplegirl View Post
    I guess I used to be nervous someone would find out, but the first person who did, I told them that even though it was something I didn't need, it was just TOO nice to let it go to waste. They took it well.

    I like that! Very diplomatic and complimentary, too.
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