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    I have a lot of friends who are financially well situated. Although many of us have lost a lot "on paper" in our 401ks and so on, it doesn't really affect how we buy things. Frugal people like myself avoid buying things like always, U keep my old cell phone (even though I could get a new one free) and old TV (with converter box) and so on. Friends that like to have the latest gadgets will keep buying new gadgets.

    My best friend and her hubby just bought a new computer. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her old one. We will be giving it to my FIL. So I think plenty of people will still be buying stuff, just not quite as many, since some really can't afford it and might finally realize that.

    About taking jobs away from people, I think elphie explained my point of view pretty well. My hubby has a relative who runs a hair salon. She complained about us cutting our own hair, said it took money away from hair cutters. But we are under no obligation to provide jobs to others for things we can do ourselves. Throughout history as one type of job went away another one came along. We just have to hope that is still true. One possibility is that we get more people back into agriculture. Modern agricultural practices are hard on the soil and the environment. Takes more people to grow things naturally and organically, but it saves a lot on expensive chemicals which are bad for us anyway. So maybe more of us will go back to the land, and grow more local, organic crops. Think of all the energy that could be saved on transportation and chemical fertlizers if we ate more local, organically grown food.

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    Hey all, I agree with all the statements about consumerism and people thinking they need the latest and greatest... my comments about technology are really more geared at industry and how the use of technology on the production end of things creates a better product AND keeps prices down. Just wanted to clarify.

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    Just my two cents. Years ago I worked as a manager for Burger King. Back then it was expected that you have an education to hold this title. My job as manager rarely needed me to be anything other than that, oh every once in awhile I was needed out on the floor but mostly when I was on the floor I was there to oversee and delegate and my job was full time paperwork, no slacking.

    Fast forward to today. My son is a manager for a pharmacy. He gets paid very little in comparsison to what I was paid 20+ years ago, and I had free full health care he has limited health care that he pays for through his company. His job is everything mine was and more, he is expected to be a clerk, a stockboy, a loading dock worker on truck day, and of course the cleaning crew. The district manager comes in and demands more and more from less workers, but wants excellent customer service. He does 4 to 5 times what I was expected from the same type of postion. The pay is low, the stress is high. Very few want these jobs, who would? I think it outragous to demand so much for so little, but this is how companies keep those prices low. I'm glad my son has a good work ethic and will get up and go out and work even if it is a crappy low paying job, but I can see why a lot of people refuse to do the work of many while not receiving fair wages for even 1. Such is the USA now. Cheap products=slave labor!
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