check this out on 'phantom power'
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    Default check this out on 'phantom power'

    hey guys...check out this link on how much phantom power is lost by your ...

    (this is the first time i have EVER posted a link so i hope this takes you to right to it...) good luck... if you get there its some great stuff....

    update: after i posted this i see you can't click on the link and get right there..(no-one has shown me how to do THAT yet...hint..hint...) you will have to actually 'manually' type it...ugh....sorry...
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    You didn't include the entire URL...

    We have power strips on things like TVs and computer. When we're done watching TV, we turn it off at the power switch. After we turn off the computer, we flip the switch off at the power strip.

    We use non-electric clocks (you can still get wind-up clocks at Wal-Mart). We use old-fashioned phones that don't require electricity. Everyone with a landline should have at least one of these so they can still make and receive calls if the power is out. You can get models that will display caller I.D., but it's powered with batteries, not electricity.

    We use a solar charger for rechargeable batteries and recharging our cell phones.

    Every little bit helps...

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    Gotta get to this. Our power company is adding 25% more to our bills to build a new nuclear plant

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