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    is it the label that bothers you or that people want you to take a position? I can see how it can be tiresome to always have to pick a side and no matter what you say, you are automatically categorized with a certain group of people.
    i also find it annoying when people WANT to be part of a certain "label" as you put it....but don't live up to it! Like all these people looking to save the environment and pick and choose what they want to do and push it on everyone else.... like they think a water bottle is awful and yet disposable diapers are ok? whatever workd for them. i also find it annoying when they are tearing down homes to make them "more green"...call me stupid, but how is tearing something down making something more "green". first off- anything that can't be reused will go into the landfill, and second- all the "pollution" from the machines needed to tear down and build the stupid thing again. whatever...it just gets annoying...i want to be "green" so i'll just make more of a mess than was there in the first place!

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    Labels that tell us what we should be or do are evil. However, merely descriptive labels are probably with us forever, because they help us organize and make sense of the world around us. But I think all labels should be applied to others and worn by ourselves very lightly.

    I am a big believer in having no opinion. Much better than being opinionated, for sure. There are few who irritate me more than those who have an opinion, especially a very definite, inflexible opinion, on everything. Who made them the Encyclopedia Britannica? Having no opinion when I don't really know anything about something, or have not seriously thought something through, is both more gracious and more honest.

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