It was a, It could only happen to me day.
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    Default It was a, It could only happen to me day.

    Day started out fine. Hubby went to work and the 2 dogs and I got into our normal monday routine. A normal type day with a few errands to run. Got the house chores done, and at 9, I go to town. Run my errands, go to Walmart, and then Aldi's and come home. Put my groceries away. Turn the computer on and check a few things. Make myself some lunch.
    Shortly after 2, I decide to run another errand and get my newspaper. So about 2:20, I am out the door again. I end up in a dollar store, can't find my one item, and only have a bag of candy in the cart for a treat for hubby's lunchbox. Making my loop around the store, and decide to check out the freezers and see if any bargains in there. The one gal who is working in there, is putting ice cream in a cart. I jokingly ask her if she is switching the freezers around and she tells me no. This stuff is going in the dumpster. I look at her, and *Say what ??? *
    She tells me that freezer quit and she has no room for the melting ice cream, so it was headed for the dumpster. I offered to buy it at a reduced price, and she says no. Next thing I know, she says I can have it, but she needs to take it up front and let the cashier know, so she doesn't charge me. Next thing I know she is bagging it, and I am heading for home with soft ice cream in gallons. Got home, and proceeded a dash to the back up freezer, and proceeded to move bread around, and stacked up the ice cream. 30 half gallons. ........

    Well just before I pulled in our driveway this afternoon on the road next to our property , sits a strange vehicle with out of state plates. I call the hubby and ask what now ? We live on a side road and been getting some strange vehicles lately. The other night about midnight, there was 3 or 4 in the same spot as this one.
    I make some calls to the neighbors asking if anyone has out of state company and if they know this truck. Nope.
    So I end up calling the state troopers and they send a car up to check it out. The trooper is sitting there when the 2 people come back out of the creek bed. Then the 3rd guy comes out. The trooper after a hour, lets them go, and they walk back to her mom's house about a mile away. The trooper wrote them a lot of tickets, and took the plates off the truck as so much was illegal about it. Told them it could have been towed but he would cut them some slack because they cooperated with him. So they just came back a short while ago with the mom, and got the truck.
    The young gal is a second cousin to my husband. OOPS.......
    I was home alone, and after all the weired traffic lately, I was not taking chances. So I hope none of the relatives call all bent out of shape. The young gal said....I guess we should have called her
    ( me ), and told her we were visiting and we have a out of state truck and not to be worried. Then, I would not have gave it a second thought.
    Then while all this was going on, I was playing phone tag with my son who needed a part for his clothes dryer, and I needed to get the numbers called in so the part could be ordered. Playing phone tag with the hubby so he knew what was going on with the strange truck. I did manage to get supper ready barely just in time when he got home. I sure hope tomorrow is a quiet day....I need one .........
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    What a great find on the ice cream!!!!!

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    WOOO HOOOO on the Ice Cream!!!

    ((notice that's what we're all going to fixate over)) LOL

    don't feel bad about calling the police, you had no way of knowing who it was.

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